Link Calendar

Can we link PSO2 Urgent Quest Calendar to google calendar? If yes how? Please do let me know, TQ

I've looked through it and have yet to find a way. So following cause I'd like to know as well.

there's no way to link the calendar to Google Calendar, you gonna need to put the info there manually or get from somewhere that already did that

@Auin-アーウィン Rappy Burst has an up-to-date Google calendar for UQs and Casino Boosts:

@Rang-Dipkin Thx bro. But do you have asia/kuala lumpur tie zone?

@Auin-アーウィン I think if you click the "+" button at the bottom right corner of the calendar on that page you'll be able to add it to your own Google Calendar and then the time zone should update to your local time. If it doesn't, I believe you can go into your Google Calendar settings and select "use device time zone" and that should update the times.

The new calendar is lacking, they post 2 weeks at a time but show only 7 days for the 1st week, WTG SEGA golf claps

Yep, can't plan for UQs, the whole week Dec 30-Jan 5 is missing. We have the schedule for Jan 6 and nothing else past Dec 29. WTF, over?

Edit: Somhow Rappy Burst has it, stuck wth a third party site for info again.

I've been using this. Just click the right arrow on the top right for the following week. Most of next week isn't up yet though.

It wasn't available at 10am. It skipped to Jan 6. I reloaded the page multiple times with no change, even reopened from the menu option.

I don't know then. It's got this week's for me.

@CalvinaCoulange I checked when I replied last and it was working. Last night and this morning CST this week didn't load, it had that jump to the 6th. Sombody probably made a mistake.