Weapon Camo Wishlist

What are some weapon camos you're looking forward to?

Personally, I'd really like to see * Red Saber! It's a pretty iconic weapon from PSO1, I was actually surprised it wasn't in the Ragol Memories shop. Hopefully we get an event for it in time, or maybe they'll drop us some for the 20th anniversary of PSO that's coming up shortly. 🙂


Also, to any GMs reading... I have a credit card, and a good credit score, lets make this happen.

I really really really really really want the Liberation weapon Camo to except swords as a derivative.

roto=raut for double sabers c9d8eede-5a54-4ba9-ba5d-51fc88c11323-image.png 0f49665e-f36a-4f90-b010-823e77821a36-image.png

@FihpoREAL That one looks badass