Current Xmas2020 Lobby Music Question

Does anyone know the instrument or what that makes that nice little long high pitched pleasant whistle sound that seems to fly around whimsically/musically. Its hard to describe. It sounds like a synthesizer keyboard with a whammy board basically.

Curious if anyone knows what if anything it is. My Dad loves it very much. 😸

o/ =^.^=

Link to the Song

From the sounds of it I would say that it is definitely a sort of keyboard synthesizer though I'm not too well-versed with sound design to describe it other that it definitely is a whistle/flute-like sound with the use of filter envelopes and syncopation (essentially "tricky" playing) to make it sound like it's flying around.

@VanillaLucia thank you so much! 😻

o/ =^.^=