Class ex cube swap shop

Hey guys, what do you guys think about a class cube swap option in swap shop, where you can swap 5 class cubes on one class to a single class cube of another class. Myself dont like to play multiple classes, because each class has different play style. Its hard to master all. And we need class cubes of different classes for the augment pass. So it would be nice to have a way to exchange five class ex cube for another class ex cube. Just like 5 silver keys for 1 gold key or something like that.#PSO2

I wish we could augment transfer more affixes. I tried to transfer some, and it only let me transfer up to three of them even though both of the weapons had 5+ slots available. (As a note, the destination's affixes are all removed/overwritten with only the transferred augments, and the material weapon's affixes are all removed, making the old weapon have 0 affixes/augments.)

At least that's what happened with me.

@coldreactive i dont know why you faced issue like that, but i had transferred 4 augments more than thrice. Its not limited to 3 augments. With enough augment transfer pass, we can transfer upto 8 augments. But i dont know why it doesnt worked for you.

Maybe it was because the instructions for how many transfer passes were needed wasn't correct or too vague. It wanted 5 no matter if I transferred only 1, 2 or 3 affixes/augments at once.

Leveling isn't hard, at least get the class titles for boosts as it boosts all your class

So far on JP, there has only been 1 seasonal event that dropped random class excubes, don't know if they are going to make it a regular thing or not. I have my classes all maxed on my main character and just use my keys from ARKS missions, featured quests and campaigns for getting class excubes for classes I don't really play much.

Augument transfer is super over powered system that was only added to JP this year and can be used to upslot affixes with add ability capsules.

@coldreactive the cost depends on the number of affixes the end weapon has after the transfer is complete not the number you move. If you want to end with 5 augments it costs 15 passes iirc.

Yes to further expand on that it is the slot number of the final item that determines the cost. Even if you are only transfer a few augments but the due to the target item getting to keep all its S-class augments - it ends up at a higher slot number.

1 Slot = 5 Passes

2 Slots = 5 Passes

3 Slots = 5 Passes

4 Slots = 5 Passes

5 Slots = 15 Passes

6 Slots = 25 Passes

7 Slots = 50 Passes

8 Slots = 100 Passes

EDIT: back on topic, I don't like the idea of class excube exchange for one and another. People should be encouraged to level all classes to get the buffs and especially when the augment transfer passes are so OP.