Za'udans never spawn on this map in particular

I've run this specific map layout 3 times now in the last 2 days, and all 3 times Za'udans have not spawned anywhere on the map.


Try killing some of those enemies and going back into each of those end bits (not where the telepipe is.) I also noticed you didn't go all the way to get the datapod in the top end, you should, since there are titles associated with collecting enough datapod entries (and each character actually has their own completion rate, and seeing the same datapod on a new character won't increase the counter. But it will cause that entry to be checked off and never appear as unread again.)

Triggers for enemy spawns will sometimes be further in at those end points, simply going near enough to map complete may not be enough. This particular ARKS Quest requires an Emergency Code to spawn for the enemies to spawn.

@coldreactive I remember reaching all the way to the datapod in previous runs, but if I happen to encounter this map again i'll try killing all the enemies (though I'm quite certain I've tried that before as well).

Probably sounds odd to you just as I found it odd myself, but whenever I move to furthest area from the original spawn and the za'udens don't spawn it's likely they are instead in the map piece that yours is currently sitting at the north west, that map piece with the water has an easily missable spawn area at the top left of it in it self that can easily end up being skipped if you cut corners to the next area.

I agree with Vashzaron, the top left corner is easy to miss unless we intentionally get close to the spawn point.