best unit for force?

just like the title say i’m curious as to what is the best or some of the best unit sets for force/tech? i’m currently using the brissa set but wondering if there’s anything better that’s not an insane amount of meseta? and also rings as well? i have mag excitement (L)+1 and critical field (R)+2

the 15-star weapon/12-star unit give away lasts until Dec 22 - you simply need to run the Limited Quest (any difficulty) 9 times to receive a pre-affixed 6-slot Ofz unit set, should be a big upgrade over the Brissa set.

Another option is buy Starquake unit from player market (cost ~1 mil each on ship 2), upgrade them to Trailblazer (each cost 50 currency from Malevolent Void UQ), and affix them yourself with budget 5-slot augments (cost 2~3 mil each)

for rings, you'll definitely want Technique Charge Parry L ring, not sure about the rest since I don't play force.

In addition to what was mentioned regarding the free equipment (which I heavily recommend), you have some options you can look into though some options are definitely better than others:

  • Today's current Recommended Quest focused on leveling is "Disturbing Whistle of Chaos" where the Super Hard, Extra Hard, and Ultra Hard versions are your best friends for leveling up and picking up gear that can become relevant or help you get to relevant gear.

  • Starquake Units can be created or obtained from Dark Falz {Persona] can can also be purchased from the Player Shop. These units upgrade to Trailblazer (Lightstream on the Japanese version) units and have a further thirteen star upgrade to become one of the best units in the game with a focus on photon points.

  • Ofze units (free set obtained from the current Limited Quest) can be upgraded to a thirteen star set of units that removes the set bonus and bakes them into the units themselves. This makes them also one of the best units in the game with a focus on health.

  • The Christmas Emergency Quest is also a very good place to go for gearing up and catching up if you play on Extra Hard or Ultra Hard.

  • Rising Badges 5 offers the Novel units which can be upgraded to the Liberate/Rivalrate units. You will likely want to do the same for the weapons.

  • I heavily recommend the "Defense Techniques (L)" ring which comes with both the Quick Illusion (L) and Tech Charge Parry (L) rings combined. You can install (L) rings into twelve star units so I heavily recommend Defensive Techniques (L), Atomizer Lovers (L), Mag Excitement (L), and Leaping Dodge (L) but you can really pick out the other three rings you want beyond Defensive Techniques (L). You can install one ring per unit and it does not consume the ring (but rather it locks it and the unit to your account) and still equip a Left and Right ring separately for a total of four Left rings and one Right ring. Right rings are much more situational but I would recommend either Perfectionist (R), Critical Strike (R), or a Valor Emblem. The Perfectionist and Critical Strike rings I mentioned are the Compound versions that combine the Melee/Ranged/Technique versions together.