New Genesis: Any Pet screenshots?

Like I asked, any screenshots of Summoner and their pets?

We don't know if summoner will even be a thing in NGS. We're getting more info on the 19th. There was a Q/A that mentioned a possibility of some weapon types not making it into NGS:

Q: Can Weapon Camos obtained in PSO2 be used in PSO2:NGS?

A: Yes, they can be used. However, please note that if in case an applicable weapon category is not released, they will not be able to be used.

I hope not, I play Pso because of summoner. =(

Edit: just noticed this was an old post after I replied. No "privileges" to delete it.

Summoner isn't in the beta right now and i'm pretty sure I saw something around the pre-beta 1 hour livestream from Sega saying the 6 classes they have right now will be the only ones at launch too. They're probably going to drip feed things in again like the base game, I see them bringing most things back because nothing's too dead right now even except some of the early classes which are already in the game. I have a feeling we'll see some Blue Burst and/or Universe weapons come back too