I'd like to see the creation of a Pet Sweets Exchange (Confectionary Shop) an expanded version of the Pet Supplies Shop similar to Zig's Exchanges, but utilizing materials from Gathering materials, Franka's Client Order Items, other Sweets, & Synthesizers, by doing this difficult Sweets Like Support Rolls & Exquisite Critical Parfait which are rather scarce on the market due to its very low drop rate will have an availability no matter the season, or if certain game content becomes rarely cleared.

I understand those at Sega have graciously given us a vast quantity between the Christmas Urgent Quest, the Rising 5 Weapon Badge Exchange & the soon Armada Exchange Shop, but I'd implore you to not just grant this to us, but also to our JP server counterpart as well because without them our community wouldn't exist at all.

(After edit note: I understand exquisite parfaits are not sellable & was used in suggestion of selling on the market, however prior to my post, I took the opportunity to ask a small portion of the Summoner community for their suggestions of rare Sweets, Those 2 were such example they listed.)