Christmas Present Furniture Can't Place

I am unable to place the Christmas Present furniture item in my personal room from the Mission Pass tier reward... Getting the following error "'Can't place a gift box because it isn't within the Premium Set effect period now.' I still have time for personal room rental and haven't seen this before...

The Christmas Present room item counts as a Gift Box type item. Gift Boxes can be used to give other players (both Premium and non-Premium) items by placing them in their room, but only players with Premium active can place them since they fall under the "item trading" umbrella.

I can not place the Christmas Present Furniture in the personal rooms of my friends, only in my room. Where is the point of a giftbox that can not be gifted to someone?

@pain8989 I am assuming that that is caused by them being made untradable for the Global version. You can buy normal gift boxes from the FUN Shop if you need to; it's not as thematically appropriate, but it serves the purpose.

I feel like whoever put this on the mission pass kind of missed the purpose of this item. I never played the JP version, but I imagine you could buy these or trade something for them, and they weren't account bound.

The point of them is supposed to be to give presents to your friends. I'm pretty sure they didn't realize what the item did and thought it was just decorative.

@CowSaysBOOM Yeah, on the JP server they originally came from seasonal events (like ARKS Bingo or a special version of the Cake Sisters' Shop), but were also eventually released each Christmas season starting in 2017 in the Meseta portion of the Treasure Shop (for 10,000 meseta), and have no account-binding.

Having them be one-time-only account-bound items also presents the issue that once you place it in your room, you can't remove it, or else it is lost forever since that is how Gift Box type items work.

Bumping this, just to reiterate the problems w/ this item. Overall it's pretty disappointing to be given a 1-time use item like this in the Mission pass. It's a gift box but we can't put it down for anyone else because it's account bound, so our only option is our own room. So, we place it like a decoration, but if we open it, it's gone forever. Not cool. I get they don't have to give us anything, but it would at least be nice to 1) use this for its intended purpose of giving a gift and 2) obtain more than one.

Just another thing bugged due to them making items untradeable that weren't originally 😕 I really wish they would stop doing that.