Question about sicon class?

What is you think is easy to play phantom etoile or hero? my personaly is phantom rilfe

Im liking phantom rifle too (I main ranger so kinda biased).

Gunna have phantom rifle as my fourth transfer pass farm (at the least) rather than the others, perhaps play around with it as sub when get more time. Totally gotta learn the class more though.

I personally prefer the Hero and Luster for the amount of speed and control you get over the classes because I am more fond of their high-speed gameplay. However, I find that the Etoile is likely the easiest class to play because all of their weapons and attacks are consistent in a way where anyone can pick up an Etoile, mash some buttons, and win to some degree. When you piece together your attack rotations and strategies it is easily one of the classes that lets you "flow" very freely without sacrificing too much of your powerful for it but it definitely isn't a hard-hitting class in high damage. But it definitely seems to fit between where the Hero and Gunner does for me where the Hero (and Fighter) chip away at enemies while classes like the Gunner and Bow-Braver are more like attacking enemies with consistent bursts of power. The Etoile does have very powerful attacks but they're typically not attacks that peak like the Gunner and Braver and they aren't small pokes like the Hero and Fighter.

To me, the Phantom seems to be another form of the Bouncer with the "don't get hit" gameplay compounded with the "here's all the options you can have to stay alive" sort of gameplay as well. Like the Hero you are essentially improvising a lot in combat to use what works for the situation (unless you're playing the Rod to which you can shoot Ilgrants and Ragrants at everything) but instead of the safety nets you get that prevent you from going down you simply get a lot of invulnerability and spinning options.

The complexity of the Hero and Luster are simply because they are classes that were inspired by high-speed action games so their complexity comes from the fact that they are more reflex-driven than other classes (and with the Luster you have a lot more speed and versatility with what you can do as they are weak until you build up their Voltage/combo counter mechanic to give them power to match and surpass the other classes). On paper and on initial impressions it is extremely easy to pick up the Hero and start wiping mobs but once you walk into the harder boss battles the Hero becomes one of the hardest classes because its ease of use also becomes its greatest weakness when the expectation is on the player to not get hit and to perform optimally because it is noticeable as a Hero compared to the Phantom and Etoile who are much more forgiving and "looser" on their optimal gameplay in comparison.

I assume easy means forgiving for most. Etiole would be the go to pick if you ever plan on doing any ultra hard content. Or at least running Et as a sub for higher end content like endless stuff. As for what I find more fun personally I have no idea. I'm still leveling my phantom and my Etiole. I'm most familiar with Hero as I pretty much have only played it since it dropped in global.

I haven't ran either Et or Ph against any extreme difficulty raid bosses yet. Just in the current christmas event. So i'll probably know more in a few months. But atm i'm wondering if my hero will get replaced by Luster or not.

I've tried both. Etoile seems clunky to me. I get stuck in the air a lot and have to use PA's to get down or wait awhile to fall. One wastes PP one wastes time. I am also not good at timing counters. So phantom for me. I personally love Phantom. Rifle phantom is my fave but I also use the rod. Rifle I can stay in the air and do a really good damage rotation while being relatively safe not mention all the i frames. Then with the rod your invulnerable for a short time while charging a tech so I run around as an orb of doom and shoot everything with ilgrants. I don't really think one is "better" than the other though. We all have different playstyles. Phantom just happens to align quite nicely with mine. Even when I played hero I tended to stick to the talis/twin machine gun. Range is my forte where getting up in a monsters face isn't XD

As for using it in Ultra Hard I haven't run into any issues yet. I haven't tried risk exploration yet though. Just some urgents like Christmas UQ and Persona.

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and have to use PA's to get down or wait awhile to fall.

Jumping cancels floating. (You cannot do it if you used up both double jumps though.) If you have want, you can, I believe, use your weapon action without triggering it while motionless. (IE: Tapping it.)

Etoile's "Slide" animation for double saber is actually slower than full speed running by the way. Don't put points into it. Wand's teleport is useful by comparison because it has a projectile attack added to it.

Etoile is really good for people who want to farm things and don't want to do it with other people. I like it on one of my alt characters for that specifically. Phantom, however, specifically Rod, is good for new players, especially free to play players who play multiple classes on their main. Since Phantom Mag takes DEX, which is what your mag should be on your free to play main.

Phantom Rod doesn't have a good mobility PA, so you'd have to use Ilzonde, or whatever the lightning tech is that shoots you forward. You'll also want to invest in Zero Ramegid and get used to using Weapon Action > Massenvernichtungs to deploy a wide area auto attacking field around you along with Zero Ramegid, then just normal attack to victory.

I think wand Etoile is easiest for me but I also enjoyed katana Phantom. I don’t enjoy Hero at all and I didn’t like rifle Phantom.

I think Etoile damage balancer op.

I enjoy Rifle Phantom, but Wand Etoile is the best Scion anything in my opinion. Hero is just too close to having overly complex mechanics for no pay off for me to have fun. That said, I'm a Ranger main, so my opinion would be worth less than a melee class main.

@Tasty-Human-bits it looks op but is not that much with Etoile, now when you put together with Hunter damage reduction then it gets op

@Jamesmor The power to just stand in one shot attacks for the lols.

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Hero is just too close to having overly complex mechanics for no pay off for me to have fun.

Hero is really not that complicated, it's people making Hero complicated for themselves.

In 99% of situations, switching weapons often on Hero is detrimental to your performance. Yes, you build your focus faster, but there is a lot more to Hero than Hero Time. You should simply just stick to the weapon that does the job best in the situation, and in situations where you need to build focus, you whip out your Talis, drop Jet Wheel and Houndblade then go back to using Sword or TMG.

This is a very simplified explanation, but trying to do sweet "combos" as Hero or whatever is only going to make you less efficient in the long run.

@coldreactive For a mobility Tech for Phantom there is also Safoie 0. It turns you into a ball of fire and travels like Ilzonde but it is cheaper PP wise. It also tracks on enemies, even in the air. A bit of Fire damage, then Rod attack/PA time.

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also tracks on enemies

This is actually something I don't want. Sometimes I just want to ignore enemies.

@coldreactive The tracking on it is one of the weaker ones (compared to things like TMG's Grim Barrage), and you can easily just reorient yourself mid-flight to go right past the enemy since it has a lot of directional control.