sometimes my weapons miss hits? (force)

hi! not really sure how to word or explain this, but sometimes certain weapons will miss a hit? like i’ll go to cast and nothing happens, why is that? is there a certain augment that makes that happen or what? i hope this makes sense 😅 i would just hate to buy a good weapon in the future and that happens, not sure what causes it. so i hope someone knows what i’m talking about!

Desync and just simply not aiming properly. Almost every tech in the game has a slight auto-aim unless you use Over The Shoulder Mode. But if the enemy moves on the same 5 frames as you cast, it's 100% guaranteed to miss most of the hits. There's nothing you can do about it.

You're going to have to expect missing. Even melees can miss/whiff.

there's also the detail that most techs need to travel in the terrain and if something is in the way you gonna miss, try to use techs that active directly over the enemy you are aiming those techs cannot miss unless the target is not in the field of view of your character or you are suffering a certain level of lag or desync

@Jamesmor what is desync?

Desync is basically when the server has lag to you, rather than you having lag to the server. It's more common in action games.

@coldreactive that is kind of wrong, desync is when your client and the server are not synchronized and your character is registered in a place in the server while in your client is in a different place it can occour at any moment when you suffer a small lag that is not enough to cause a DC also is not common to happen but is a pretty well known issue that happens in all kinds of servers