Quna and Jukeboxes


I recently joined PSO2. I used to play PSO, so I was extremely excited. I'm finding that, in its own weird way, PSO2 is a little sandboxy. I've spent a lot of time just playing with fashion, editing my personal quarters and having very casual fun! One of the things that I've loved so far are the live concert events. The Quna songs are great!

I noticed that we now have an "Eternal Encore" Christmas Version music disc for our jukeboxes. I have been looking everywhere to find out if other Quna songs are available for our rooms, but haven't found a single thread with any kind of straightforward, definitive, answer.

So my question! Are other Quna songs like "End of the Light" available as jukebox music discs in-game? If so, what is the in-game disc name for them?

Thank you for your help in advance! 💗

The Alliance And Personal Quarters Jukeboxes share different registration databases. You still consume it for each. But once you consume it for the Alliance Jukebox, everyone capable of changing the Alliance Quarters' music is capable of choosing it, as the registered music disks are stored alliance-side.

The Christmas version is able to be put on Personal Shops. The disk can be gotten from the title reward:

alt text

@coldreactive I feel like I may be missing something. I'm speaking explicitly and only about my personal quarters. I already have the Christmas version in my personal quarters. I'm looking for the other songs, like "The End of the Light" or the original version of "Eternal Encore."

I just want to know whether they're able to be acquired in-game, and what the disc names are.