More Boost Weeks - Boost Week on Xmas or New Years

If you want more new players to stick around, you gotta make affixing easier.

Sure this will affect affix prices for veteran players but this will make it easier for the community as a whole.

If noobs have bad gear, they make runs harder. So make it more accessible.

I agree that we need more boost weeks, especially since we're rushing through content, but we also need Soul Receptor Units, Gift Receptor, and a bunch of other receptors that we're missing in either Weapon, Unit, or both, and the ones that we currently do have seem to take much longer to earn that the ones in JP since they have PSO2 es, and I think some Soul Receptors can drop in the main game. Over the course of Ep 6 JP had 11 boost weeks, most of which were 15%, except the last one was 18%. Also, with all the other campaigns last week, I never got around to utilizing that 0 Meseta cost, so I could really use more of those, especially now, when there are less campaigns going on.

JP Boost Weeks:特殊能力追加#bonus

I personally hate the concept of boost weeks in general. Really, they should keep the rates static across the year, whether this is +0 or +10. With the existence of boost weeks, playing outside of them makes the shop move so slowly it's unreal and people just aren't buying things -- not that I blame people, if there's no boost week, why bother upgrading when you could wait for a boost week and do more?

In other words, the game just doesn't feel that rewarding to play in a general sense, since most augments you will find have zero demand outside of boost weeks.

It's one of my biggest pet peeves ever since they did the very first one on JP in 2013.

@Matt while I understand its bad for selling augments it's great for people that understand these habits and buy before after boost week. Also hold augments to sell to the fomo crowd at double to triple what they went for a week before. Unless you're doing compound or high slot units affix week isnt even realy going to save you much cash if any at the astronomical prices augments cost that week.