So how much longer do you think we will get divide quest???

I wonder how many people here are actually ready for it. 🤔

Divide quests, the quest type we are gonna get in episode 6. It's also how we're gonna get Stil series weapon materials and LuminFragment Emel needed for those redux weapon potentials.

@Anarchy-Marine You can read up on what they are here:

TL;DR: (Yes, really.)

  1. They're a fancy version of "Extreme Quest" where each "floor" is a different ARKS Mission.
  2. Drinks persist between each "floor." (Gauges/etc. persist, but certain skills reset.)
  3. Divide Quests have a "Lives" counter (Similar to Monster Hunter) that counts down whenever a party member dies.
  4. Enemies get more buffs (damage dealt, decreased damage received, more HP), and are harder to kill the farther you go. This is exponential.
  5. "Floor" Progress is per character.
  6. You receive positive and/or negative effects for certain "stages."

It's kind of similar to Genshin Impact's Spiral Abyss. Or a more complex version of FFXIV's Deep Dungeon. (Though Obviously PSO2JP had it first. Though for FFXIV's comparison, FFXIV had Deep Dungeons first in Patch 3.35 in 2016.)

@coldreactive Sounds kind of cool. I like what I'm reading. I'll check out the link tomorrow, as I'm tired and heading for bed.

Depends if they want to release the first 30 steps or all the way to 35 at once to save the work of having to update it. It wouldn't make much sense to release 35 until the end of EP6 since some of the bosses appears late in EP6.

Only until recently, your progression resets every week, but they done away with that when step 31-35 released. You just have to S rank the previous 5 steps to unlock the next 5 steps.

I'm assuming we'll probably get it when we get the rest of EP 6. But they could throw a curve ball and only partially release it along with more of the story.

probably in a month.

The rewards are already in. They're the same as JP but Sage Crests replaced with RWB5.