Sad whale cant buy AC in large amounts

So, why cant we buy AC more than 1000 AC at a time?

@Valyn especially considering the Scratch bonuses go up to 120....

That amount is insanely high.

I dont understand why. JP had it where you spend 100 dollars and get 10300 AC. I am not going to whale at all if it is this bothersome.

Like I would need to buy the 1000 AC package 20 TIMES just to get the 120 bonus item from the AC scratch. I dont have time for that, Sega. I am willing to give you alot of money... doesnt make sense from a business aspect

Yeah i do not understand why the largest amount is only 1k AC.... when i played on JP, i only bought 10k AC at a time...

Hi all,

Going to be submitting this as a suggestion, so hopefully it'll be addressed soon. Thank you, and please continue to share any feedback you have!


Thank you alot for listening! I just want to support the game and have fun with the scratch items. Hopefully you guys can bring back the 10k AC option like the Japanese Server so it is much less tedious to buy in larger quantities! 😄

Of course. I'm always listening...ALWAYS.....lurks off into the distance

Wow that was quick i can see the 10.3k AC in store now xD



Wow that was fast! Again, I would like to thank the GMs for their quick responses! Their suggestion worked! I am willing to bet they maybe forgot to add the larger amounts of AC lol because of how hectic preparing for OBT is! 😄

@Valyn I think I am gonna hold off on scratching too much until the economy has more meseta to extort from non-spenders.

Or maybe just scratch for affixing boosters...

Kinda depends on the pace of releasing the next episodes. Don't wanna spend 400 bucks affixing my gear if it is gonna be obsolete in a month

Thanks buying 1,000 at a time was annoying. But you guys got some extra money out me I guess lol. Gonna stop now after this last 10,300ac purchase.

Unless @GM-Deynger you can submit a ticket that raises character slots from 12 to 30

Ooo I wish, lol.

I could never find the Sonic edition in the store on the xbox one