As the title states I am plagued by error NP1013. I have tried almost every fix I've found on the internet to resolve this issue. The system i am using is a headless Steam VM that i connect to using steam link. I have removed or disabled EVERY overlay, including Microsoft game bar, Xbox overlay, steam has 4 different overlay options between the Steam app itself and steam link that are ALL disabled. I don't have any other antivirus on this system other than windows defender and my ENTIRE steam folder is set as an exclusion. I probably wouldn't even be at the end of my rope, however i cannot use the contact us option on the website as it just puts me in a login loop and i cant make a ticket. Which is the double suckage because that also means i cant reset my 2nd password.

I have played every Phantasy Star Online U.S. release, except C.A.R.D. Revolution and Blue Burst. In other words, I have been a member of ARKS since Phantasy Star Online first release on Sega Dreamcast. I feel like this nprotect gameguard is SEGA giving me a middle finger. Would it really be too much to ask for that gameguard provides a human readable error that shows the user what the offending program is so i can fix it myself. Since this is my only way to even get my frustrations out, I'm going to close by saying that if I cant get someone from SEGA to help me, its time to go back to Final Fantasy 14.