Bingo Card: Complete A Case of Murder IV Not Possible?

For the Mission Bingo, one of the requirements is to complete one of Lavere's Client Orders called A Case of Murder IV. However, when viewing Lavere's Client Orders, this one doesn't exist. There's A Case of Murder I through V with no IV in sight. Is there something I'm missing?

I have it, but it was there even when I was lower level before Episode 4 even released:

alt text

This may be late as a response but if you have not already you may want to clear some of the earlier Client Orders such as the Falspawn Eradication orders. Hans and Lavere both have Client Orders that simply do not appear at all until you have cleared prerequisite client orders and to my knowledge these just become "unlocked" for that character so you will have to repeat the process for other characters if you play multiple characters.

It appears now, though I'm not sure if it was from completing an expedition quest for the first time or completing A Case of Murder III that did it. Though it does seem odd that A Case of Murder V is available regardless if the latter is the case.