Account suspended TWICE

Hi, this is my first time ever playing the game yet I've been account suspended twice within 6 days. I first downloaded the game on steam, played it for about 30 minutes (just the tutorial) and made it to the lobby area. By that time it was like 3AM for me and I was tired so I went to sleep. By the time I wake up I open the game again, try connecting and my account is suspended. Still dont know the reason behind it, contacted support and they said it was under investigation with no time table as the investigation is complex.

So I said ok thats fine and didn't look at the game again ( This was 4 days ago ) Fast forward to today I downloaded and played the game from the windows store for about 4-6 hours connecting it to my xbox live account, did the tutorial again and a bunch of other quests. Looked around the game area watched some videos about different classes, got some items in my mail. All this was about 4-6 hours, I literally took the game off and went on a bike ride for 1 hour. came back and logged on. Account suspended

What is the reason for this?? Cause at this point I'm convinced that I'm either doing something to get the accounts suspended that im not aware of or this game just has horrible moderation which I doubt.

I've really wanted to play this game and after finally getting to play it im just getting suspended for seemingly no reason

Did you attempt to buy cash shop currency (AC) and your bank did a chargeback? Usually MMOs will suspend for that. (Sometimes permanently, like Square Enix.)

Did you buy anything from one of the bots that advertise RMT meseta? (Because that's an instant ban basically.) You wouldn't believe how many people actually do this and say they don't, but still end up getting banned anyway because GMs have trading logs/etc. I once reported a person using Discord Server/Channel IDs (care of a FAQ/Etc. on how to find them) because they told me over voice chat that they willingly participated in RMT, thinking that since they used voice chat they wouldn't get in trouble.

@coldreactive I did notice those bots trying to sell stuff but I didn't pay them any attention. I didn't try to buy anything on either of the accounts. Pretty much just ran around and didn't really do anything. The only thing I remember with meseta on it was something I got as some kind of event reward or a log in reward