Resta problem

When ever I heal myself resta only heal me with one while the other gets heal like around three forty-seven.

Are you subbed as an Étoile? If so, then that is the reason.

Étoile's "Damage Bouncer" skill makes it so that you can only heal using field items (such as the healing unit outside of a boss room), consumables (ie. Mates and Atomizers), and Étoile skills (ie. Étoile HP Restorate and Over Drive). All other forms of healing (ie. Techs, Mag Triggers, Potentials/Augments like Lifesteal) will only heal you for 1 HP.

I recommend getting a Mate Maniac ring since it makes Mate usage faster and it makes it so that even a Monomate can heal you for over a third of your HP.

Also as a note, any other player heals (including heals from OTHER Etoile using their Etoile skills) will also do only 1 HP healing to you. It has to be YOUR healing. (This was a thing back when I first played Etoile ages ago on JP, so it may have been fixed or patched to accept it.)

Nope, it's intended. Only your mates/atomizers and your Overdrive will heal you more than 1.