Pet changing

I'm looking for some advice on pet upgrades to 14*. I have multiple Redrans and two Synchros. Should I upgrade them all to Herbie and Vulcan or just hatch new pets and upgrade to 14* Redran and Synchro?

Both Glass/Herbie and Vulcan to my understanding are very situational upgrades that don't quite stand like Maron does compared to Melon. You would have them as separate pets rather than to lose your existing Redran and Synchro for them.

@VanillaLucia Thanks! That was my gut but I wanted confirmation.

considering that now we have a collection with all pets you don't need to change the form of any pet, each one has their own pros and cons well except for Wanda and Jinga that work in any situation, so get 1 copy of each pet, that will also allow you to do the weekly orders of each pet and some of those have sweets that are pretty useful with other pets

@Jamesmor When I made alts they both subbed Su so I can farm Pietro's COs.