[Ship 3 B2] Headpats Alliance - Semi-Casual - Beginner Welcome - Friendly - Discord - All Timezone welcome - Since June 2020 - Recruiting CLOSE

I would like to join but I am currently in Ship 4. Is there anyway I can transfer without paying with AC?

@uxkwn No only if you want to do a new char

still looking for new members ?

@Takuyaki we allways looking for members 😃

we are mostly at B2

I am currently looking to join someone, mostly to have fun. I am new to the game as in just got past tutorial. If you will have me, I would be grateful.

@Dr-Love956 sure your are welcome to join our family ^^ just write a officer or join B2 we are mostly there.

still looking for new Members nyaa~

still looking for active new Members nyaa~