[Ship 3 B2] Headpats Alliance - Semi-Casual - Beginner Welcome - Friendly - Discord - All Timezone welcome - Since June 2020 - Recruiting CLOSE

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The Friendly English-speaking Family like Alliance Headpats is still looking for new members to play together on NGS

- Mainblock B2

- Beginners welcome

- Friendly and Semi-Casual

- Discord available

- Base Pso2 Tree lv.8

If interested, just let us know.


Calixen#1405 (for NA Timezone)


Splashii#2305 (for EU Timezone)

or write us Ingame

Player ID Name:

  • Calixen

  • Splashii

  • Tsuyoru

  • Meloney

  • The Loli God

  • N.A

  • Mento illness

still looking for members ^-^

still searching nya~

I have a whole bunch of triggers that we can run on New Year's if you sent me an invite.

My current Alliance is quite silent, and I've carried the points pretty hard so far.

Darkwingz should be the character name.

@MasterDarkwingz If you Leave your old guild sure, i can invite you. we are at B2

Give me some time to work on weapons upgrades. Searching for Union and Weaponoid Boosters.

Are you guys still looking for new members I would like to Join if possible as I am not associated with a guild/alliance and see almost no beginners on ship three

we still looking for new members! Write us ingame or Discord or in B2