Quest name is "Bound by Blood and Boldness". It's the last one we have as of the current update. After a Luminmech smashes the crystal monolith that Sarah has been guarding, we get this line from Ko'Rela: pso20201212_011259_002.jpg I'm sorry, I thought we were on the same side here? Here's the Japanese line for comparison: pso20201212_013104_004.jpg Looks like a case of not being given context for the line to me. It's also a voiced line, and the EN dub is as out of place as you'd expect. It sounds like a line for when you use PAs (and to be fair, I've seen that exact phrase translated that way for attack lines before). Maybe this is just some absurdly blatant foreshadowing that Mitra is disguised as Ko'Rela so I don't have to worry, but I want to put it out there just in case.