Swap Shop can now turn 12* weapons into Ex-cubes

Guessing I missed this somewhere but it was a nice surprise! I'm now getting close to 50 Ex-cubes from a solo PD trigger...much needed after failure affix week ;D

Gonna tag @Theuberclips because I know he raised this idea in the suggestions forum; definite QoL improvement!

@Rang-Dipkin Huh? I looked today and didn't see that.

It was a thing on JP for a while now, so I was expecting it by like EP5.

Better late than never though. Now PD XH has like 30% more cubes per run, and Endless actualy gives cubes, its great

@Kodiakmax-101 The excube exchange was changed to 10-12 rarity weapons instead of being 10-11

@Kodiakmax-101 Sorry for not clarifying that in my post, but it's as Uber said - they didn't add a new menu option but rather the old 10-11* option was expanded to now include 12*s.

I probably should've looked through the other options to see if anything else was expanded but it was late and I was le tired (to borrow an old meme).

@Rang-Dipkin That's cool, I'm just glad to know.