It's sad to see this but there are some alliances out there that think it's okay to rip off other alliances and claim it is their own original symbol art for their Alliance. Then decide to do toxic Behavior towards other alliances. Creating confusion from the original Alliance that has it. This Alliance King anime Army is not associated with our alliance. Some of them have been known to be toxic for with other players our alliance midnight Lotus have nothing to do with it. They did rip off our symbol art. It's a shame that there are other alliances out there doing the exact same thing.


Can we please get an update to lock symbol art for Alliances?

Its one thing to steal another Alliances symbol art, but then claimed to be a sister Alliance to that Alliance. Just to start griefing and harassing players in game. That's not a cool thing to do to anyone. This needs to stop.Can we please get a GM to look into this as there Alliance cannot be found in V phone? The leader has refused to talk.