Just finished story content at the current update.

@Knight-Raime Without trying to get too much into spoilers and the likes I can try to clear up some of the understanding you have from Episode 5:

  • Omega is a retelling of the Akashic Records in the same way a person sleeping would recollect their dreams. You aren't aware of every little thing going on and not everything fully makes sense but it is a collection and retelling of everything that was, is present, and will be. Everything that happened was true to some extent.

  • When Shiva mentioned that "that was not how things were" and that the story was false it was not because the world of Omega didn't actually happen. She was lamenting that there was no Guardian to save "her" in reality to which she was very quickly proven wrong in that same scene. Her being wrong is the reason why she is able to return to Oracle if you have already seen the prologue for Episode 6 and the epilogue for Episode 5.

  • Elmir is the personification of the Profound Darkness of what was left and escaped into the black hole at the very beginning of Episode 5. The reason why Elmir taunts the player so much is because they are trying to get back their previous vessel (Persona) and are luring the player into becoming a Dark Falz. Beyond that the Profound Darkness was always about destruction regardless of its origins (the Photoners in this case bringing life to it). As a result of this he is no longer relevant in Episode 6 - you will see him masquerading as Dark Falz [Persona] and as the vengeful figure in the solo Ultimate Quest (Remnants of a Parallel World) following the aftermath of the events in Omega. If you wanted proof the very last phase of the fight (where he attempts to suicide-bomb the party and in the next final phase in Ultra Hard) you see his true mask which is the very same as the Omega Masquerade mask. This is not Persona in the slightest. Shiva acts as a spectator in this fight because Elmir is the Profound Darkness acting on its own - simply now locked in Omega trying to break out. If you know what Shiva is already (in Episode 6's prologue) you will know why she was fascinated at this sight.

  • Persona had no "Omega" counterpart. There is an Episode 6-spoiler for this reason alone and I will leave it at that. However, the ending of Episode 5 reveals that Persona was with the player all along since they were already saved - they just never showed up until they found it convenient to.


Well I understand that omega is basically events/individuals of the universe all jumbled up differently. I can't recall the specific line Elmir says when he was talking to us before we go to rescue Harriete but it sounds like he was trying to call both himself and Omega as the profound darkness. Which is confusing because PD is mentioned in EP 6 as being created by the photoners. I assume it's a metaphor and that's why it's confusing to me. I'm hoping it's just me being slow rather than something lost in translation.

Yeah it's pretty clear that Omega events did happen and Shiva was just stating that to mess with us in a way. Or that's how I took it after playing all current available EP6 story content on global.

I call the fight omega persona because of relation to content. I understand that Persona doesn't have an omega counterpart due to their unique existence. And yeah I remember seeing Persona in the ending of EP5. But at least to me it wasn't clear that meant we saved them. More that they were aware of Elmir's existence and was commenting/helping somehow. Guess that's on me for not recognizing that. Especially since they did say Persona lended us their aid.

So let me see if I can understand this. Elmir is basically the personality of the PD. Which was created by the photoners who were attempting to copy the akashik records. Shiva is similar to PD in origin because they were created for the same reason. But the being known as Shiva is essentially a new entity created by shoving the PD into her. Masquerade is Elmir that much I know. But I don't know the significance of that other than potentially being his "true" form.

I still don't quite understand how Shiva can be aware of Elmire though. Because my current understanding implies they're both related. Just different "versions" of whatever the profound darkness is. Best I can see it is Elmir is the "soul" and Shiva is the "body."

@Knight-Raime I don't think you're that far off from your understanding. My fear is that explaining more or clearing up the details ends up spoiling Episode 6 but I can try to add some more to what you are saying to hopefully clear things up further.

  • Shiva's return was directly caused by the player's interaction with Omega/the Akashic Records. Upon changing the fate of the world within (Hariette's fate) it caused a ripple to the real world which brought Shiva back. The reason why Shiva is interested in the protagonist is because of this particular interaction as "logically" this should not have been possible.

  • The Profound Darkness seems to be hinted at as being a "creation" but I interpret it more as a sort of "sin" that always existed. It only grew bigger and stronger because of the desires the Photoners had and at some point if we follow that logic at some point sins are "punished." The Profound Darkness is an entity that effectively took up the negativity of the Photoners and started destroying the world because of the nature of photons. I believe in a simple way this is the same way you can describe things like the Heartless in Kingdom Hearts or the Force where there's always a "light" and a "dark" and they are for some reason eternal opponents. It just happened to be that because it is impossible to destroy for some reason it is possible to shove it into a seal (Dark Falz [Apprentice] for example was the most recent Dark Falz being resealed) and call it a day. It just turns out "that day" is over and Shiva is out of her lock that she was put into.

  • I believe in that further hint of Elmir claiming to be "Omega" it is likely the hint that the Profound Darkness is everywhere - and very likely "everything." There is a reason why everyone who ends up with some sort of negative emotion or motive ends up becoming charged with Dark Falz-like energy which is especially apparent with how the hosts for the Dark Falz are chosen or how Persona was "created." The entire story of Omega was effectively summarized as one of a world of destruction where a princess failed to save her kingdom and world and that Elmir is effectively a narrator who is there to tell the player this story always ended in darkness - until the one time the player intervened. This is the same to me as a person who curates a museum who knows everything that is present in the museum. I do not typically expect these people to suddenly cave into "new" facts when it turns out that something (or everything) they had in the museum is actually incorrect but in the case of Elmir he was definitely entertained when the ending didn't play out like he kept saying it would. To this end I would definitely agree with you that Elmir is like the "soul" to Shiva's "body" but the strange factor is that Shiva stands separately from the Profound Darkness (at least to my understanding) in that her goal isn't absolute destruction of everything in the world. Effectively in this sense, she is like Mother from Episode 4 who is vengeful against Photoners and anything related to them only this time she has the "power" of the Profound Darkness with her. I don't quite fully understand the relation between Shiva and Elmir as well other than that they are part of the Profound Darkness (and likely different expressions/faces of it like the Dark Falz are).

I just straight up hate Shiva and her lackeys right now, maybe that changes later? I gotta applaud the writing because it’s not easy to make the audience feel anything at all for a character. How I feel right now us I want to see Milk chuck them all off a cliff.


I apologize for the shorter response as I am on mobile but I didn't want to wait super long to get back to you.

So basically because our character actually showed up in omega it sort of released Shiva from the seal which put her there to begin with.

The way you speak about Elmir and the profound darkness reminds me of the whole thing in final fantasy 10 of sin and yu-yeven. If you're familiar with that game you can tell me if this comparison I'm making is accurate.

As for the soul/body thing I unintentionally made it sound different than I meant. I didn't mean to say that Shiva is the profound darknesses body as in she and Elmir are two parts of the same whole. More so I meant that Elmir is the non corporal version of profound darkness (aka soul) and Shiva was the vessel that held the PD (aka body) as PD was shoved inside her.

Shiva is her own entity that from my interpretation was created after the original soul (Harriete) was removed from the body. Though I don't know if PD being shoved in her helped fully create this new person or if it essentially just grew a second person and the tainted effects of PD twisted Shiva into what we currently deal with.

@Knight-Raime I feel that with what you are saying (with the exception of the Final Fantasy X relation because I am not too familiar with that particular game) you are essentially spot-on with what I understand of the story. Shiva was bitter because in the story she was reciting (the story of Omega) there was no such happy ending where a Guardian came to "save" her because it was Hariette that ended up being saved (which by extension includes Shiva as well but she's not a very happy camper about her circumstances).

With your description of Elmir and Shiva I am inclined to agree with you because I don't see anything to contest or disagree with to which Hariette also backs up and explains. It definitely adds more to the backstory for the Profound Darkness being a much greater force than they imagined that even containing it in a vessel wasn't enough to keep the world safe from the Profound Darkness as evidence with Shiva's story and the "fate" of Omega that Elmir kept pointing out with regards to the world repeatedly being destroyed and created.

@John-Paul-RAGE said in Just finished story content at the current update.:

Haven't really read any of the story as it progresses due to the storytelling not being the greatest.

Was a fan of the "incidental" style of discovering the story in the old PSO. Don't like how in this one it is completely disconnected from the core experience of the game.

I wish, if this game gets one last story update before getting canned is revisiting Ragol, complete with all those copy/paste designed enemies, environments and good old eldritch looking Dark Falz.

@Tio-Megaman-X I take it you haven't heard of New Genesis then.

@Anarchy-Marine said in Just finished story content at the current update.:

@Tio-Megaman-X I take it you haven't heard of New Genesis then.

I am not still sure what it is, apparently a separate game with connected stuff, if it is separate PSO2 will obviously be abandoned after a while.

@Tio-Megaman-X New Genesis in the easiest way I can explain it is like the "Plains of Eidolon" update for Warframe where what was previously an instanced and procedurally-generated game suddenly grew in scale to have a semi-open world that players can walk into rather than going from cell to cell fighting enemies.

New Genesis is essentially the post-story to Phantasy Star Online 2 as a new "game" (taking place a thousand years after the ending of Episode 6 which premiered back in August on the Japanese side) that shares the same client. It has been said to be easy to move back and forth between games like a block switch and from what has been shown the base classes (Hunter, Ranger, and Force) have all adopted several characteristics and mechanics from Successor classes. I will not talk too much of the story because it would unfortunately hinge on Episode 6 spoilers but as it takes place in the future there seems to be no confirmations of connections with the current game other than that your character persists between them (likely time travel shenanigans or cryo-sleep explanations like what the story has already done) and that I do not know if this "far future" involves IDOLA Phantasy Star Saga (which also takes place in the future) yet. There has not been many story details shared and we will likely not see too much more until it gets released in 2021.

Anyone know when we possibly get EP6 Part 2? I'am really digging into its story >.<

@YoRHa-No-2-Type-B If the past episodes are of any clue potentially next maintenance (which I would believe to be the week of the 22nd/23rd of December) for the next part of the story. I do not know how much of the story is already available in global, however.

January or February are likely candidates for the part 2 update of Episode 6 but as for more story next maintenance there could be another chapter added.


Oh well was worth a shot on the comparison haha. But thanks for the discussion. I feel better about my understanding with the game now.

I played through all of Episode 5 and started to fall in love with the story and the characters. I've also played through what we currently have of episode 6. All good stuff. Then I go back to episode 1 (I need SG I have a bad fresh finds habit) Episode 1 is pretty disjoined and it's kind of jarring. Thankfully since I did episode five first. Alma comes along and explains some things so I can connect more dots. I am actually looking forward to more Episode 6 XD