Just finished story content at the current update.

I must say having played all the Episodes, storywise I think 5 is my favourite so far.

I don't want to spoil the episode 6 chapter 2 fights, though I'm enjoying the story dialogue a lot. Particularly among the antagonist so it might steal favourite episode spot come the end of it.

Looking forward to the rest, cheers.

Yea, i just want to know what happens now.

well it won't go the way is expected to go, Episode 6 is way different from the other episodes

I discovered how much i despise the stories in games in general, so i will just skip it all. Going to save the universe, again, regardless of who or what the villain is this time. Not much of an achievement when you've done it so many times already. All ARKS should just shrug and say "Ahh, sh*t. here we go again."

Well hey at least you're honest, guess the story mode isn't gonna be everyones favourite. Personally I enjoy following along with what happens and don't mind the heavy dialogue though I can see how it would be annoying for some.

I love Story in general. I just wish the story in PSO 2 was actually something to play through...but after hours of dialogue i got tired of it. I fought my way through ep1-3, but ep4 was so weird that i started skipping after the 20th cutscene. Then came ep5 which was even worse in my opinion. Many static screens with two toons in front babbling on and on...skipped more than the half of it too. I will look into ep6 soon, but I dont expect any changes there...

I really enjoy the story too. My only complaints are mainly small stuff like... not being able to set a pronoun, our name rarely being used (I get that it won't always be said-- that's fine, but it's tiring always being called some title or dancing around it especially when I hate the titles we're given 90% of the time), and since Episode 4: The stupid sword. I wish they would just use the model of whatever weapon you're actually using because my character wouldn't use swords in her life >_>

But I have a lot of fun with it.

Episode 5 and 6 so far are both my fav episode. Just dam sick scenes and good story

Episodes 1-3 are pretty bad, not because the story itself is bad but because how it’s presented and how disconnected it feels.

Haven't really read any of the story as it progresses due to the storytelling not being the greatest.

Was a fan of the "incidental" style of discovering the story in the old PSO. Don't like how in this one it is completely disconnected from the core experience of the game.




Episode six does feel different from the first few, that doesn't really bother me though since there are a lot of character introductions in the first ones. It's nice to see the story progressing on more now.


I feel the same about the first sentence, the more the merrier.


Totally noticed the weapons thing over the course of all the cut scenes, well said. It might have something to do with how certain things are animated for the style of situation but it would be cool if there were animations in the future for all the weapons.


Agreed, I really enjoyed how it felt more in roots with original story, the matrix bender that was 4 took me out for a while though I still managed to enjoy that and the other episodes to a degree at different parts in the story.


Sort of what John-Paul-RAGE is saying, yeah I noticed the differences.


Ah! yeah I enjoyed how it was done in PSO as well. I've accepted the sort of sit and watch/read like a book style of story viewing PSO2 has because it feels like a movie/reading sort of experience which I enjoy, Though I can't argue the old version was also fine/great.

I really enjoyed the latest of ep6, not going to spoil anything but man I got fired up!

@Redex I also await the continuation with baited breath. Been focusing on the bingo card in the mean time.

I think EP6 is my favorite so far just because of how easy it is to understand. EP 1-3 felt pretty disjointed and felt pretty hard to follow because it just seemed like a bunch of different things happening at once. I still don't quite understand why Matoi is so important to our character even after it all.

EP4 felt like a side story when all was said and done as outside some minor talk in EP5 they're not really touched on again at least as of yet. I understand it's anime like approach isn't for everyone and I definitely disliked some of the parts/characters in it. But I also liked some as well. The episode also houses my first raid boss encounter (dubbed golden grandpa by my brother and friends who played more JP than I ever got to.) So it was a bit sentimental for me to run into him again and see his place in the universe.

I'm not sure how I feel about EP5 still. I liked the medieval fantasy setting at first (though fighting castles instead of demons and evil casters was a bit weird.) I think what really made me unsure of my feelings was the constant over complication when the game was trying to explain itself. At one point Omega is both the akashik records but also the profound darkness. Harriete's importance even up until the final mission doesn't make much sense till we get the context of her in EP6. And then there's other stuff like Alma being her own person but also the first klariskrays but also not. etc. I'm still not even sure what photons are as they seem to range from existence itself to somehow being sentient things that can be individuals.

I was a bit miffed when Shiva said none of what happened in EP5 happened and it was a dream. It wasn't until I played 6 that it's proven false but that was a pretty poor way to end EP5 on. I'm never fond of situations that drag on forever only for you to find out none of it mattered. It just feels like cheap writing to setup an individual or an event. I will say i'm also kind of disappointed that Omega persona seems to kind of just exist for the sake of fighting. It's my favorite EQ as of current but there was really no setup to it in EP5. Maybe there's more info in EP6 but right now I can't tell if that's Elmir (I assume so because of forum changing,) or the Persona we were trying to save. The fact that EP6 hasn't made any mention of him yet is a bit concerning. Makes me feel like saving ourselves as a plot point has just been dropped.

But i'm sure it will come up at some point since even Shiva has placed a degree of importance on our character.

@Knight-Raime Without trying to get too much into spoilers and the likes I can try to clear up some of the understanding you have from Episode 5:

  • Omega is a retelling of the Akashic Records in the same way a person sleeping would recollect their dreams. You aren't aware of every little thing going on and not everything fully makes sense but it is a collection and retelling of everything that was, is present, and will be. Everything that happened was true to some extent.

  • When Shiva mentioned that "that was not how things were" and that the story was false it was not because the world of Omega didn't actually happen. She was lamenting that there was no Guardian to save "her" in reality to which she was very quickly proven wrong in that same scene. Her being wrong is the reason why she is able to return to Oracle if you have already seen the prologue for Episode 6 and the epilogue for Episode 5.

  • Elmir is the personification of the Profound Darkness of what was left and escaped into the black hole at the very beginning of Episode 5. The reason why Elmir taunts the player so much is because they are trying to get back their previous vessel (Persona) and are luring the player into becoming a Dark Falz. Beyond that the Profound Darkness was always about destruction regardless of its origins (the Photoners in this case bringing life to it). As a result of this he is no longer relevant in Episode 6 - you will see him masquerading as Dark Falz [Persona] and as the vengeful figure in the solo Ultimate Quest (Remnants of a Parallel World) following the aftermath of the events in Omega. If you wanted proof the very last phase of the fight (where he attempts to suicide-bomb the party and in the next final phase in Ultra Hard) you see his true mask which is the very same as the Omega Masquerade mask. This is not Persona in the slightest. Shiva acts as a spectator in this fight because Elmir is the Profound Darkness acting on its own - simply now locked in Omega trying to break out. If you know what Shiva is already (in Episode 6's prologue) you will know why she was fascinated at this sight.

  • Persona had no "Omega" counterpart. There is an Episode 6-spoiler for this reason alone and I will leave it at that. However, the ending of Episode 5 reveals that Persona was with the player all along since they were already saved - they just never showed up until they found it convenient to.