Stats are incorrect?

So after noticing my Hero has 4 more PP than calculated I decided to unequip everything from him and compare his base stats (including skills) to the Arks Layer Skill Calc. Everything is off by 3-4 points or some, some stats higher and some lower. Anyone know why this might be? Is the calc wrong?

Looked into it, my stats are closer to the stats for a male deuman hero at level 91, yet I'm level 92. I'm one point up in all attack stats and 4 in PP, but everything else is equal. The heck is going on?

Starting to think the Skill Calc might be out of date. Can anyone confirm? (Pretty sure the PP is from leveling past 90.)

I mean... 1 point is like a 0.0001% difference.

Still though I just wanna know where the difference is coming from. Also the PP thing somewhat messed with my affix plan for my Phantom.

how 4 PP with Hero is gonna mess your affix plan with Phantom? classes have different stats so what you have with Hero will not be the exact same that Phantom has, besides Phantom skill that raises your attack based on your PP caps in 200 PP

More PP never hurts, 200 PP is just the minimum for Phantom.

I don't really use the skill simulator much, but does it even take into account of the class boost for leveling other classes?

@Jamesmor Becuase the PP boost will be there for my Phantom as well. It means I overshoot and while that's not a bad thing, it also means I didn't need 3 Grand Spirits.

@HarmlessSyan It does take into account for class boost, but the extra PP past lv 90 it doesn't seem to.

Even so three grand spirits seems like its a bit much with decently affixed units and weapons.

I'm done with this thread, it's gone WAY off topic.

I wondered if I could write here when OP says they've done with it, but I hope this clears out some of the questions here.

Starting from level 91, each level-up adds +2 PP to the max PP. This has been confirmed on the JP server. It's rather fundamental issue, so I think it's safe to assume the global server also behaves in the same way. This additional PP works only for the main class. JP already has level cap of 100, it seems this +2 max PP bonus per level also happens with level 96+.

Actually,the raise of max PP from level 91 and the restriction PP bonus not applied to the sub class are written on the official announcement. That's one of the reason I think it will be the same in the global too.

And while checking out detailed info on this, I noticed that the calculation of max PP is rather a simple matter. Our base maximum PP, the value without weapons or units or other modifying factors, can be calculated as follows.

  1. We have base maximum PP of 100, regardless of race/class.
  2. We can have up to +10 bonus from class boosts. +2 each from Fi/Gu/Te/Br/Bo class.
  3. If the level of our main class is over 90, we get +2 bonus for each level above 90.