How do I get the Independence Day costume/cape?

I took a break during the time this was released. Was wondering if I can get the Uncle Sam and US flag cape on the player shop? Or do I have to wait until next year for it to run again?

Those were only available during the Independence Day event and as a result are no longer obtainable. The Japanese version most recently added this to their "Holiday" event so they can obtain the Independence Day and Thanksgiving event-related cosmetics (both of which were previously exclusive to global).

You may have to wait until the next year to see those return.

Dang, that sucks. Guess I will wait until next year for a rerun. I saw someone in an EQ with the cape on and was like OMG I NEED THAT! lol.

@Mega-Drive There is a color variant of Uncle Sam in FF today, there may be others in this FF rotation.

I grabbed it, thanks! I never bought something so fast in the Fresh Finds shop lol.