constant disconnects- every few minutes.

Anyone experiencing this? It is getting really annoying. I can't do anything. I havebeen online for 40 minutes and got disconnected 6 times. It isn't my internet, I am still connected to that and to xbox live. It is constantly saying that it lost connection to the pso2 servers.

What region are you in?

@LIL-MIZBEHAVIN said in constant disconnects- every few minutes.:

Usa Ship one.

That's unusual, run a connection test just to make sure. Are you hooked up through WiFi or Ethernet?

The last time I got booted off, i tried reconnecting. I got an in maintance message. I waited for a bit and reconnected. It let me choose a ship. So far 31 min and no disconnect. Hopefully their mini maintance fixed the issue

If you have time, please submit a ticket for this issue so we have proper documentation.