Cant complete "Exploration Braver Client Order"

so i have been trying to complete 2 client orders for Anazami (The Braver NPC) so i can continue doing stuff for the braver. it says that i have to complete an exploration on Hard or Higher, i have done both the expedition and exploration on Very Hard difficulty and she still wont let me turn it in for some reason. Am i doing something wrong? do i need to do something else? cuz im getting really frustrated that i cant complete the Dragon altar and Coast boot camps from the client order.

if it is the 2 boot camp missions for the weapons then you have to do a full run with respective weapon (aka no swapping). if it is any of the other boot camps later on then it simply requires you to take her and only her with you on the missions.

no apparently "Above hard difficulty" means you have to do it on super hard difficulty... And it looks like it has to be completed as S rank cuz i just did it on the hardest difficulty and still didnt get it

My biggest issue is that the client order is either completely wrong in what the description is, or the tasks itself is wrong and they need to make it match the description. cuz as of right now im done doing braver missions until it gets fixed which is sad cuz its the only reason i was logging on

alright, comfirmed this aswell, I even checked on the JP servers and yes it is SH difficulty on the quests, I pressume it's a miss in the translation.

alrighty thanks Telnar, i appriciate the help, now i just gotta get it done