Music question.

In this years Christmas on ice event I cant find the name of the song they use. I can find the song used in previous years but not the 2020 one. I'm talking about the one after the end jingle bells one where they start spelling and singing in what I'm assuming in japanese.

It's a variation of Rare Drop Koi Koi. Did they really use the japanese version? I know that the version used in JP was sung by Matoi's VA. I hope we can get Xanthe Hyunh to sing it.

@HelplessK1ttens it's the Rare drop Koi Koi christmas version

Is there a Christmas Koi-Koi concert or is it just in the UQ?

@Kodiakmax-101 It only plays in the Emergency Quest once Mr. Umbra gets a hit on anyone.

It originates from a concert (PHANTASTIC 3D LIVE 2018) where Quna and Matoi were brought to a stage and performed various songs together and ended with RARE DROP KOI KOI together. I do not believe you can find the concert on YouTube (but I found it streamable elsewhere) as it was preserved in the form of a Bluray that you can purchase.

@VanillaLucia I think that is my missing concert title (P3D Event), they need to bring this back since I have the other concert titles. Unless there is another concert for this title, again one I missed.

@LazerRay This particular concert I am referring to was a live one where Sega had 3D projections of Quna and Matoi (and they were acted by their voice actresses) to hold a concert for attendees and was also streamed on Nico Nico Douga. I do not believe it was ever referenced or held in-game but Quna and Matoi's outfits from that concert were available as a later AC Scratch set.