Personal Shop Search

Often when I key in keywords of an item, e.g. yorha, suggestions do not display all of the items with yorha on the market. For example, one time I tried searching yorha for the 9s outfit but it didn't show up, but I found it nonetheless using the exact words and search by price. I am sure I am not the only one who experienced this problem.

While I rarely top up and sell stuff on the market, I feel like this bug is really unfair to sellers, who did pay for your cosmetics, to not show up in search results randomly. It will also undermine player satisfaction because more time must be wasted on finding the exact term to search.

It's because you need to "see" the item first for it to end up in your "search" cache. (Said cache file is also sometimes expunged.)

I hope they massively overall the shop system in NGS.

It really is a horrible way they chose to make the search system.

Yes, that need an update.. I searched for some outfits but couldn't find them cause I didn't seen it before.. Maybe they read this one day and change it 😁😁