Support Rolls; lack of availability on global

For Summoner, the SUPPORT ROLL is an important piece of pet candy that JP players have extremely EASY access to (via 13 star egg collection file), but on global the supply is ridiculously limited (we do not have them in collection file). I do not understand WHY.

The cost of getting these in player shops has nearly put me off playing summoner.

Yes I understand we can get one ONCE PER CHARACTER from Pietro, but to gear out all of my pets I'd need to have the maximum number of characters, and then some. The only other place to get one is from player shops (prohibitively expensive), from Yamato or Magatsu (extremely rare drop, and these quests don't pop up anymore anyway; even when someone runs a Yamato trigger on my ship nobody joins because everyone hates it, so the trigger is wasted), and from a single title reward.

Please please PLEASE put Support Roll in the collection file, like JP has.

@Courtland This has been acknowledged by GM Deynger in a thread in General Discussion.