Ultimate Boosters? How...

So running corrupted runs for 2 hours with an ex tri.. rdr 250.. tri 150... 1 booster in an hour.

Of course I need 38.

Any alternatives? Nobody is running endless quests atm..

@Cult Nope, not yet anyways. There are ultimate quests but those aren’t popular anymore though. You’ll probably just have to wait until they add in the exchange to the booster shop.

Wouldn't you get them in the Limited Quest's hardest difficulty? Not to mention what about the new Ultra Hard Explorations, don't they normally drop those?

I've been getting them bit by bit in event urgents since Trick or Treat.

Pray that SEGA gives us the 90 photon booster for 1 ultimate exchange soon. We should have it already, but I guess they left it out by accident.

I'm pretty sure most UH content can drop Ultimate Boosters. Could be wrong, but pretty sure I got one from Whistle of Chaos, definitely got one from Christmas on Ice.

I've gotten two from Christmas on Ice thus far. I do suspect UH increases drop rate on them from XH.

I've gotten 1 from xmas on ice zero from UH so far. The numbers required for crafting things feels kinda steep for the supply. At this rate it would take me another 89 days to get a full set off 13* ofz units.

Really aggravated by the booster situation. Idc to farm then but but 1-2 a day is absurd when I need 30-40. Especially at this accelerated rate.

Upgrading the ofze units seems very very costly in materials, so its kinda like get a decent base with an ok affix for free, but upgrade will be a long term thing, even once boosters are exchangeable.

Where are the schvelle upgrades though in meantime? (maybe Im blind, pretty exhausted after boost week). Also found it interesting we have the 3rd tier upgrade for trailblazer already.

EDIT: I got a double drop (2x) ultimate booster from xmas run once.

I’ll be holding off until next uq. Even a chance at 2 a day is 3-4 weeks worth 😞

Im all grinded out.

Ofz Units are indeed basically impossible to get that anyone who invested in them to make the 13* has unfortunately shot themselves in the foot. It would be faster to farm for the TB 13* units and give them a decent affix than wait for your full 13* Ofz upgrade.

Kinda funny how the best units are the easiest to get to 13*.

What are the best units? I am Hunter Phantom!

Are we also getting a consistant source of pure photons? Cause all the non trailblazer units seem to demand them.

@Tasty-Human-bits I recall that Photon Boosters tend to be tied to events (like the Holiday event) as potential drops for them. You will want to jump into the Christmas event to get as much as you can if you are on the lookout for them.