Etoile unable to use techniques

Anyone else noticed Etoile being unable to use techniques despite the fact that they have a tec weapon??

only Hero and Phantom from the Scion classes can use tech, so is less of noticing and more of knowing, most people already knew that Etoile can't use any tech

@Jamesmor Well I'm not part of most people. I was just wondering if that was intentional or a glitch. Thx for the info!

etolie uses its own "techs"

Hero and Phantom can use techs, Etoile and Luster can’t.

I didn’t know either, kind of a bummer because I love my techs but the class is still great without them.

Was unaware, that kind of sucks.

The Etoile has "magical-looking" attacks but no access to techniques at all. The Luster in the future similar is in the same boat but they have "special" actions you can do that utilize techniques but you cannot cast techniques regularly otherwise.