I wish we can advertise other parts of the forum without going so out of topic

I really want to promote this Japanese guy who treats his Mad Rat Dead Playthrough as if it's part of an anime. https://mobile.twitter.com/tmsynoadv/status/1336250940618203138 Which definitely belongs in the Other Section, but all of the other places of the forum are mostly dead. Even fan art section is mostly dead. This topic is mostly about the forum itself and how hard it is to get attention of other things and topics to get a start. I mean I know most people use it for help and hints and guides. It's just that it feels a little sad to not being able to talk about other things and get the attention of other people. Have anyone also has trouble regarding this and wish things were a little more livelier in other topics?

I've noticed that the Classes category doesn't even have sub cats for Phantom and Etoile. When I had a question about Et I had to use General to get an answer.

@Kodiakmax-101 those sub categories will be added later, with Hero was like that too they added after a while

How long did it take them to add is in the subforum? In a week, after maintenance after it came out, or did it just appear one day?

@Guilrel hard to say, it will happen eventually but a precise time to when it will happen only the responsibles for the forum can tell that