Christmas Fashion

I know we've got a female Christmas outfit in the current Mission Pass, but is there any way (or chance) to get Quna's Christmas Outfit? I've seen all the other concert costumes as layering wear and I'd love this one for one of my characters.

I think her Christmas outfit is her best outfit. I want it so bad.

I'm hoping we'll see more Holiday-themed stuff in the next Scratch (or even some other colors for some things we've already gotten).

What I'm really curious about is what items are eligible for the Outfit bonus this time as there's no article up yet about it (unless I missed it)

@Princesse-Jen I couldn't find one either.

There was a pic at the start of the UQ that showed the two outfits from MP but I think there were a couple more for females.

are we getting the "Santa Dress" and "Black Trim Santa Dress" and "Party Santa Dress Crimson"? I really need those ;-;

@Kodiakmax-101 It's Harmony Santa from the Holiday Wonderland Scratch Ticket.

@sonic65101 Thanks, I've already got it and the gloves. Man, the body paints and accessories get expensive. The gloves were almost twice the price of the outfit.