Luminmechs Where

The completion % seems to be affected by boosts.

If you disconnect/leave/abandon/disband before completing the quest (ie. before defeating map's boss), you'll lose any progress as it's not recorded right after enemies are killed.

@condor that is the same for all collections, they only count if you complete the quest

@Jamesmor It was just an heads up, as that user that said that progressed for about 0.2% with 6 mobs sounded kinda strange

Well, it's monday, At this point might as well wait, Seems to be the norm for Sega. Maybe it's due to the fact that maybe Sega has a Deadline to meet in terms of content in liue of NGS? Still- Being forced to wait until then - Yah its quite frustrating.

So I will run the risk explorations for fun, If I am able to get anything , Eh- It's something. If not - It's now Whateve's.

So I'm at 10.24% with a risk that had 2 emergencies for the new mob.

  • One showed up with a kill ranking (meaning it had to be you to kill it to get the point)
  • and one was just a regular mob kill emergency.

They have HP like crazy. I got a score of 2 out of 7 kills one the ranking one but I don't know if that has anything to do with the % or not.