Luminmechs Where

Tried doing several, 5 to be exact not seen 1 of the new mob type, tried the story as well this did not count as the mob type. Surely they did not just add collection file that is stuck now for 2 weeks till we get the amada uq that is really not cool.

Currently should only spawn in UH expeditions.

They'll be in next Urgent Quest as well as the next ultimate quest. But yeah, it's sort of a little frustrating.

Story might have some?

I'm fairly sue they will spawn in the Level 91 Risk Expeditions but as I can't get in there yet I can't confirm it.

story ones dont count...we dont have lumimechs currently....nice sheets...i dont like complaining but meh why adding them if we cant complete them

Yeah and just to point out I've done 5 of the risk expos cleared and s ran round for ages still not seen 1 mobs pop and yeah they should not have added them if im honest its tilted me quite hard

I've heard they only spawn from the Emergencies.

Are the Risk Explorations like the Ultimate ones..? Meaning you can't simply go in with a party of yourself and your 3 favorite AIs and not get TOTALLY raped at the first spawn encounter.


o/ =^.^=

they appear in Risk Expeditions and in the UQs related to the Armada, also their spawn rate in Risk Expeditions is not consistent so you not gonna find lots of then.

I should mention, the game DOES count the story luminmechs as luminmech for the steam achievement.

@coldreactive said in Luminmechs Where:

I should mention, the game DOES count the story luminmechs as luminmech for the steam achievement.

I don't think it counts for the Collection File though? Pretty sure RDR doesn't take effect there either.

Regardless, after a few hours of UH Expeditions I'm at 45% with 250 RDR 100 Tri. Using Attack Buff on team tree though.

I'm just keeping my Collection Folder sheets 100% - 100% - 0% for a few days. There's plenty of other new stuff to pursue that I can wait five days to get some 14★ pets and 15★ weapons. Two weeks from now I'll have made the same progress overall so all it's done is change the order that progress will happen.

personally I managed to get every pet other than the shinies from the seasonal, and I'll be farming the CFs for cookies when we get the next ultimate by discarding and restarting them after each time I get the cookies.

Unfortunately I realized Super Vigorous Parfait can't drop outside of Rainbow Keys until we have access to the ultralized Vol Dragon, and that isn't available in UH Exploration, so...

I've managed to get about 6 really really really tanky lumnmechs to spawn in risk quests. My collection folder status after completing the quest: ...0.2%

wow I'm glad I dropped my nearly complete sheets to get a head start on ones that are fucking impossible to complete. thanks sega great move as usual. Do they only hire people with the dumbest, least thought out ideas?

@SourDiesel so you want a upgraded 15 star weapon with literally no effort at all? the collection is taking time now because we don't have the specifics places that only spawn Luminmech enemies and even this week Armada UQs will start happening that are full of Luminmech enemies and the collection will be there forever to be completed as much as you want