When can we expect Luster in episode 6?

We have received Phantom and Etoile at Episode 6 release, how much longer until we get Luster?

I worry that when we get Luster, we might get NG shortly after.

They seem to like major updates every 2 months. So early to mid February is my guess.

And mid April to mid May for NGS, since its a very very large update.

I'm betting on February but hoping for January.

Also hoping for mid-January \o/

Spring is JP's ETA for NGS, but anything can happen between now and then.

We could get Luster anywhere from months to weeks before that.

See they we supposed to give us Phantom in December then Etoile later on. They gave us both at once. So it's all a bit up in the air. They could give us luster in as little as a few weeks seeing as how we're apparently still waiting on some episode 6 content. They might not give it to us until February like others said. Though I do want proper time to enjoy it before NGS comes out and I gotta re-level my chara with all the snazzy new stuff NGS brings.