Mission Pass Was Shorter Than Usual

So the last mission pass was only 2 weeks long apparently and because of this I cannot unlock anything from it which is so annoying since only one I didn't get to level 30. Is there any way I can get the cosmetics or will they come back?

some stuff from other mission pass had came back, the one active now has stuff from older mission pass so the possibility of coming back always exist

Yeah, I'm also in the same boat. I get you can technically just buy it separately, but considering the shorter length, I kind of wish there was something for those who just... may not be able to access this mission pass.

My premium doesn't expire until the 28th so I could technically get a new mission pass gold thing that final week and claim everything I earned, but then I'll just be out of luck again starting the next week with the next mission pass so I'm just kind of permanently behind now which I don't think it's supposed to be set up as.

I was there for the original so I don't even necessarily need everything, but there are some new stuff I really like (such as the Christmas outfit) that are still locked to the gold section.

Honestly, sometimes I wish it was possible to just buy the few things I want from the passes 😕 This is why I hate how they're bound to people.