Didn't receive Alliance Rewards, yet again. Where's our Rappy Suits?

Just like the last one, we didn't receive the second tier of rewards. We didn't get the Lilipan Suit of the first campaign and we now have not received the Red Rappy Suit and its accompanying reward. There is no possible way we didn't get 10,000 AP, as we just finished in 2nd place and are, again, in 2nd place. There's a couple hundred thousand points over the 10k AP requirement.

We'd like our campaign rewards, thanks. Maybe I'll get a ticket answer with a solution this time around. Who knows? If Gunpla Mafia didn't get their stuff again, that means a ton of other people didn't. Same as last time. Wee.

@UniMaximal Hi RoninHawk with Blue Burst, I didnt receive the red rappy suit either and I know I earned enough alone for every member of my Alliance lol. Hopefully they fix this soon.

All of my members still have yet to get the Lilipan suit from the 1st campaign and the SG and the Rappy suit and SG from this last campaign. My support ticket has gone unanswered. Can we stop promising rewards to people if no one but the streamers get them? πŸ˜•

Hi there - thanks for being patient! A lot of folks are headed into the holidays soon, but just wanted to let you know I'll make sure the team is aware of your ticket once things are back to normal so they can investigate this soon.

Have a great holiday, and please feel free to reach out if you don't hear back at all down the line. πŸ™‚

  • Aaron

@GM-RubyEclipse Woo!! Awesome, didn't think there'd be any developments on the missing rewards, glad to see someone took notice and that a fix is probably on the way πŸ˜„

@GM-RubyEclipse Any updates? I see there's another AP campaign coming up again and I really hope that we can get the rewards this time around and not run into the same issues as the last two campaigns.

@GM-RubyEclipse Still have yet to hear back in any capacity, not even an automated message anywhere. 😞

Well, I'm going to stop wasting my time on this. Doesn't seem like there will ever be a fix, fully expecting to also not get the rewards for the third time around on this newest campaign. Woo. Go SEGA!

Update: Rewards for both campaigns were given out, but now the issue is that they're completely different items than what was advertised...?

@UniMaximal if you don’t mind can you post what you should have gotten and what you did get

@SaviorZero82 Star Dust + Armor Visor accessories when it should've been the Red Rappy suit and a Lilipan suit. Might be missing something, but the SG was distributed and I think that's the correct amount.

Ah I got the first 2 aswell