Anyone else max out phantom 1 - 95

I did at about 5:26 Pm Eastern time, kinda dumb but i wanted to see if i could be the first 95 phantom in na so I'm asking around.

I panicked when I couldn’t find my exp boosts, turns out they were in another character’s storage.

Holy heck! How did you pull that off? A lot of keys?

@Milk Lots of keys and 75 levels worth of xp tickets

I’m not sure, what’s this was in your time, but I was done about 3 and half hours after the servers went up, and their was another person in my allaoamce that finished about half an hour before me

I didn't max out Etoile (not planning on leveling Phantom yet on my main, saving it for my Alt), but got it up to 61, and capped my Braver in the span of about an hour last night doing the seven or so Keys I had from the give away event.

It's a nice solid start to getting Etoile up to 95.

@TEN-SQUARE-3 My time was about 1h 24m

i used 40 minutes of my booster time to 1-95 and my alliance leader was done about 2-3 minutes before me..i asap jumped into the gold quests after server opened (prepared everything beforehand) so i guess it took about 1 hour max to 1-95 i was done with phantom 95 and summoner 95 at about 23:30 and server opened 22:00 kindaish...not that it really matters but since you were asking