Unable to redeem Xbox gamepass ultimate rewards

this is still happening with the October perks, redeem but didnt receive any items. Still had my items from Episode 5 update bonus when I redeemed the october bonus, not sure if thats why

@Aut0botK1lla You should have made your own thread instead of bringing up this months old thread to an adjacent, yet separate issue. You also should have submitted support ticket.

@Aut0botK1lla ? Are you playing on steam and redeeming the packs via Xbox or na store? If so you need to log in via Xbox or ms store to get the items at lest I have had to, same with buying AC if you buy it or Sg from ms/Xbox you will not get it logged in on steam

@Aut0botK1lla don’t feel bad I didn’t get mine too from oct perk and I’m been playing it off Xbox and still didn’t get it

Perhaps there's an issue within PSO2's core service, when it comes to purchases, and from what I saw in another thread, support. They might need a tech to look into it.

@Anarchy-Marine yes they do need to have a tech to look into it 🙂 plus im missing few items too and they still didnt reply to my ticket and fix the problem and i spend alot of game money so im pretty piss off right now and still waiting