Unable to redeem Xbox gamepass ultimate rewards

Here's to hoping this is resolved soon, maybe consider a stop gap in game item code if the fix looks like it's going to take too long

I claimed mine (a few hours ago), and it went through fine. However I've yet to see the rewards show up (guessing) on the Visiphone

I went gamepass perks not there again Microsoft issue

dont feel bad i didnt get mine either its not even showing up on my so im waiting for mine 😞

If I read these comments on the issue I would not have upgraded to game pass ultimate in such a hurry. It's kind of a downer that game pass ultimate or xbox live gold are required to play this I was ready to purchase AC and just premium this. I understand, it's just kind of a waste for me lol

thats the think we shouldnt have to update our game pass they should put it on there who ever have it. am i right tho ?

I don't see any GamePass Perk? Not even link or instruction where to find... Please help?


Assuming they will have try to have them available ASAP, seeing how they were advertised yesterday.

When is it going to be on perks I just check and still not there

@tony2686 said in Unable to redeem Xbox gamepass ultimate rewards:

When is it going to be on perks I just check and still not there

No one knows. Xbox took it out to fix it according to GM.

Still no fix? It's been over a day.

Still working on it unfortunately. >< Stay tuned for an update.

It showed up on my perks thing just now. I entered the code at redeem.microsoft.com and it showed the xbox perks. Checking the game now.