Unable to redeem Xbox gamepass ultimate rewards

@Rzarcasm ok thank you i was looking everywhere

Mine isn't even showing up in the perks section, despite being subbed. No PSO2 option in the menu.

says i already own it as well

No luck here either, here's hoping it gets resolved.

Found petk section not there its under maintainice

hope they fix this soon...

because I no longer have the option to redeem again it needs to show up again

They took it down and likely trying to fix it. Remain calm guys. They picked up on it pretty quick.

A lot more had this issue than I though. Well, I guess everyone hasn't gotten it. Thanks for the update Deynger!

geepus how long does it take to make a proper fixed redeem code...? I just worry will be blocked off from trying again when the working code comes...

@Ashes-Darkmare Same here. Even my old code no longer shows on the perks page and neither does PSO2 to re-redeem.

first Sega says its Xbox problem then Xbox says its Sega's problem geepus >_< it like they pointing fingers at each other...

No one's pointing fingers anywhere. We're working on it, patience please, operatives!