No Schvelle units upgrade? No Ultimate Booster trade-in?

@ExERain the remainder of episode 6 is still to come and whatever wasn't part of yesterday's update will come in the next one as well as any debugging

@Matt said in No Schvelle units upgrade? No Ultimate Booster trade-in?:

People aren't wanting them as drops -- people want the upgrade because they affixed their Cleasis units in preparation for the upgrade. They were the first on JP, so it was simple logic that they'd be first (or part of the first) here, but they're not.

Yep this. As long as it IS coming I dont mind waiting. Was this perhaps one of the issues they had and needed drop it from initial EP6 release to get it out?

It's possible that they just had too much going on and they simply forgot to include it. Here's hoping they will fix this nonsense on the next maintenance at the very latest because my tank unit set is Cleasis, which I expected to have upgraded to Schvelle on day1.

I hope so. I gave them a pass on holding off on things we should have before because maintaining a progression with this setup is tricky business. But by episode 6 we absolutely should have everything, or at least some equivalent (eg Crests -> RWB), of what JP does.

Let's hope new weapons on Unique Weapon Badges shop having no elements is something they need to fix as well...

There should be a maintenance next week. There's a 13 hour gap of UQs next wednesday on the calendar.

Maint happened, still no Schvelle or booster trade in

Schvelle and ultimate boosters aside, pure photons are an issue as well as they drop only from event UQ.

I never got more than 2 per run with 250%RDR+100%Tri and I saved around 150 since they started dropping months ago (altho I used some, so I got a little more than that).

I don't know how they expect people that started playing recently to (realistcally) gather 150 for Liberate/Ofz units just by farming event UQs.

@condor Oops. Miscalculation. :B