Where the hell are the Schvelle units????

so we get 13* units... we already have our cleasis. and the first 13* unit set to exist isnt in the game? WE HAVE LIBERATE LIGHTSTREAM AND AUSTERE UNITS BUT WE CAN'T CRAFT SCHVELLE EVEN THO WE HAVE PILES OF MATRERIALS FOR THEM.


actually pissed

Can we actually craft the other 13 stars or do they require materials not avalible to us yet. Kinda disappointing schevelle units won't get any time in the spot light if they wait to long.

@Tasty-Human-bits We can upgrade all the ones available i think, at least trailblazers and ofzendes materials are available to us.

Then not having schevelle units feels rely egregious

they drop in rainbow keyScreenshot_13.png

@DEATHGHOULxDARK aye, and this just makes it hurt even more for those of us that had Cleasis units all affixed and ready to be upgraded at Zigs....