So what's everyone doing while waiting for maintenance to end?

I'm watching south park and snuggling puppies.

playing Satisfactory, if I don't keep an eye in other stuff that game will consume a entire day

working, so you all can suffer with me now. muaahahahahahaaaa

Yakuza 0 and self care.

Keeping an eye on server status, browsing and dying to bad RNG/AI doing Dynamax Adventures for the 3 remaining Legendary shinies from Shield in Sword.

I posted this because Episode 6 was finally releasing:

But for now, I'm eating, and watching the tubes.

@coldreactive I woke up late, got distracted, hit the forums to check watched threads, then noticed it was noon and 'I should be playing not reading,' launched PSO2, enjoyed the new trailer, aaaand -maintenance!

Crying out of boredom because I only have PSO on my work laptop because that's all that'll fit 😭

Playing FFXIV since its not down over half the day for maintenance.

it downloaded the update, but then says the ships are still offline? Im religiously checking its status the best i know lol

I was sleeping. 😅

I got work in 4 hours, I stayed up till 5 am thinking ANY MINUTE NOW lol What you guys up to? How's your days?

Drinking coffee, I've been behind on the story content so I want to at least try and finish Chapter 5 today.